Ultrasonic metal treatment

The body of a car is made mostly of steel. Over time, metal loses its original properties (hardness and strength). In addition, vibration and other cyclic loads destroy the structure of the metal. Metal fatigue occurs.

Metal fatigue is a weakened state (structure) caused by constant tension, wear and/or other loads. It eventually leads to stress failure.

Tensions in metals are also formed at welding joints (especially after repairs). Structural changes (warping) occur as a result of heating of the base metal and the weld metal. As a consequence, internal stresses contribute to the deformation and/or destruction of the welded product.

To eliminate residual tensions from the body and other parts of the car apply ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound allows you to remove tension from the surface of the metal by forming "micro ribs of stiffness," which appear under the influence of acoustic energy. Ultrasonic surface hardening increases the microhardness and wear resistance of the metal. Also, high frequencies are used to detect cracks within the metal.

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