Interior trim

Interior trim not only emphasizes individuality, but also makes you look at the interior in a new way and feel its comfort? Modern technologies and materials make it possible to achieve a high level of aesthetics and comfort.

Leather and Alcantara

Updating the seats, ceiling and floor of the car occupies a key place in the decoration of an expensive car. Only automobile leather is used for interior decoration, which differs from ordinary leather:

  • increased durability
  • durability
  • impervious to chemical reagents
  • pattern and color fastness
  • insignificant stretching.

These qualities allow leather for a long time to maintain the elegant look of the expensive car and its respectability. Aniline leather interior trim is a great option. Aniline leather provides the cabin with the most natural appearance.

Alcantara may become a harmonious addition to the interior design with leather. This material is in many ways superior to autoskin. It is less susceptible to heat from the sun, does not slip, resistant to detergents. Alcantara is excellent for interior decor in combination with leather.

Alcantara can also be used as an independent material for covering ceilings or door cards.

For the restoration of the interior, we select the materials most suitable for the original.


Water printing technology came to us from Japan and quickly found application in different fields of industry, including automobile industry. The process of water transfer printing (or immersion printing) allows us to apply different kinds of decorative textures on the most complex parts: plastic, metal, wood, plywood, glass, ceramics and composite materials. After water-printing, the textures are covered with lacquer (from 2 to 7 layers). The lacquer not only protects the texture, but also enhances the depth and adds gloss.

Noble wood

For true connoisseurs there can be no compromises. All the best comes to us from nature. Therefore, the best finishing materials are wood, leather and other natural components.

Valuable species of wood for decoration:

  • Karelian birch
  • ash
  • teak
  • rosewood
  • Myrtle, etc.

The decorating process is carried out by applying veneer inserts on individual surfaces. The technology of veneering is quite complicated and time-consuming, but the result exceeds the boldest expectations. The noble wood is instantly recognizable due to its characteristic open-pored texture and complex relief.


Change the style and add originality to the interior of a sports car can be achieved by styling elements under the "carbon". This material belongs to the category of carbon plastics, in which the main elements are graphite (carbon) particles and fibers.

Carbon inserts are used for the interior trim, which are applied to:

  • consoles and control panels
  • moldings
  • shift knobs
  • Steering wheel elements, etc.

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