Interior repair and painting

Repair and painting is performed using Color Glo and Lederzentrum systems. The technology makes it possible to provide high quality repair of car interior, cabins of yachts, boats, airplanes.

A car interior should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and safe. Requirements for the repair and painting of the interior of the car are due to the increased load in operation:

  • mechanical contact and exposure;
  • temperature fluctuations in the environment;
  • UV rays.

Therefore, for the interior repair and painting, paints with increased abrasion resistance, high adhesion to the surface and pleasant to the touch (Softtouch) are used.

Soft-touch or Soft-feel is a special elastic rubber-like matte coating. It is applied to parts and products that are constantly in contact with the fingers - door handles and cards, consoles.

Leather restoration

  • Sewing and replacing damaged elements.
  • Leather dyeing (color change).
  • Restoration of surface structure.
  • Seat and door card painting.
  • Latex repair.
  • Repair of burns and defects.

Car seat repair includes restoring the frame part of the seat, replacing the sealing material, and eliminating slack or squeaks.

Seat cover replacement may be necessary when the upholstery is damaged or severely worn. A quality upholstery replacement will restore the appearance of the car seat.

  • Mechanical damage - cracks, abrasions, scratches - will be removed.
  • The leather will get a "second life", it will become fresher, softer and more pleasant to the touch.
  • The original color of the leather upholstery is restored.
  • Replacement of badly worn or badly damaged elements.
  • Protecting the interior with nanoceramics.

Repair and painting process:

  • Surface cleaning with Evergreen and Tornador.
  • Restoring shape and integrity.
  • Color matching with the original color.
  • Painting with the soft-touch effect.
  • Painting in royal lacquer.

Repairing Plastic

First of all, you need to understand that there are many kinds of plastic. Basically, the plastic in the car interior has its own structure (texture). The surface is restored with the help of gel, which after polymerization adopts the texture. A plasticizer is used to paint the plastic. This makes the coating elastic and more durable. To protect the surface, a matte or glossy varnish is applied.

Restoring the interior plastic:

  • Repair of any kind of plastic.
  • Restoration of the integrity and geometry of the form.

  • Restoration of surface texture.

  • Paint console, moldings and torpedo.

  • Wood trim.

Full interior painting

After painting, the plastic parts will have their original color and minor defects will be less noticeable. It is also possible to replace the color of the plastic to update the interior of the car with a full paint job.

We use water-based polyurethane paints to paint the interior plastic. Soft-touch plastic paint is highly wear-resistant and has a pleasant tactile feel. The interior repair and paint system used has been tested on cars of the leading manufacturers: Alfa Romeo, General Motors, Mercedes, Opel, Saab, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Ferrari and Jaguar.

Painting the buttons

Over time, control buttons on the steering wheel and console lose their original appearance. The process of restoring and painting the buttons is complicated by iconography. Each button has its own individual design. We use CNC equipment to restore the buttons.

Repair of rigid and flexible plastics

Plastic parts are widely used in the car interior. And in the course of operation they suffer much more often than plastic bumpers - it is easier to scratch them with a hard object, to leave a mark from accidental contact with a smoldering cigarette.

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