Glass polishing

During operation, the car is subjected to various kinds of tests. Dirt or sand gets under the wipers and seals, which contributes to scratches and abrasions. As a result, glass loses its transparency and is no longer so pleasant for the car owner.

Windshield polishing

Windshield polishing removes scratches that "do not cling to your fingernail. Except in some cases, you cannot polish the windshield, as it may cause a lens effect. Even very deep scratches on side and rear windows can be removed by grinding. However, in many cases it is more profitable to just replace the glass.

Why do you need to polish glass?

  • Completely restores the transparency of the glass.
  • There is NOT a lens effect after polishing.
  • The glass is cleaned from acid and lime stains, paint, etc.
  • It eliminates glare and improves the performance of the wipers.]

The visual fatigue factor is just one of the negative factors that affect travel comfort and road safety, which together can lead to very unfortunate consequences. Consequently, each motorist, making a choice regarding the application of measures to eliminate defects on the windshield, will assess their comfort and safety. In addition to car windshields, we polish motorcycle windshields.

When polishing your windshields, you need to keep in mind that the time and price is very much dependent on the toughness of the glass itself. It does not depend on the price of the car or its year of manufacture, but depends solely on the glass that is installed on it. On average, the working time is 4-6 hours.


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