Dry cleaning of a car interior

The appearance of your car can tell a lot about its owner. A clean, well-groomed vehicle will always emphasize your status in the eyes of others. Our studio's experienced specialists will not only fix your car's body, but also take care of its interior.

We are talking not even about beauty, but health. Samples taken from the steering wheel, seats, and floor of a car contain many dangerous germs. A lot of people think that dry cleaning is only necessary to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Few people think about the fact that with the outside air through the ventilation and air conditioning system a lot of microorganisms enter the cabin. Favorable conditions in the cabin (heat, moisture) promote reproduction of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, fungi and mold. Getting in human respiratory tracts, all these microorganisms are able to cause allergic reactions and chronic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely dry-cleaning of the salon, one of the tasks of which is surface disinfection.

Why is dry cleaning necessary?

  • Dry cleaning eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • The interior is disinfected, destroying harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Stains removal, dust and dirt removal.
  • It makes a salon fresh, comfortable and cozy.

How often is dry cleaning necessary? Experts recommend having a complete dry-cleaning of the interior once a year, and a dry-cleaning once in 2 months.

The dry cleaning process includes the following steps:

  • Foam cleaning with a Tornador air gun. The detergent is sprayed under high pressure, turning into foam at the output, which allows you to effectively clean any surface.

  • Steam treatment. This procedure allows cleaning and disinfection of the interior in the most difficult-to-reach places. The penetrating power of steam makes it possible to get rid of unpleasant odors and pathogenic bacteria that are on the surfaces of the cabin, as well as in the ventilation and air conditioning system.

  • Removal of stubborn stains using environmentally friendly and safe products.

  • Cleaning of the interior with a wet vacuum cleaner.

  • Treatment of leather surfaces with dirt- and water-repellent protective agents, leather becomes soft and elastic. Plastic surfaces are coated with a special wax. It gives shine and well-groomed appearance, protects from dirt and prolongs its service life.

  • Dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Cabin dry cleaning includes the following list of works: ceiling treatment, cleaning of the floor, mats, seats, torpedo, door cards, pillars, plastic surfaces, central console, ashtrays and storage drawers; cleaning of luggage compartment, ventilation and air conditioning system and other interior elements.

The dry-cleaning price depends on the condition of the interior. Each customer is guaranteed an individual approach and quality service. After a thorough dry cleaning, the interior of your car will get a clean and well-groomed look.

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