Detailing is a complex of operations for thorough and complete car care.

Detailing includes:

  • Cleaning of the body, glass and optics from dirt, bitumen, paint, etc.
  • Body polishing, paintwork correction, scratches and defects removal.
  • Steam cleaning and interior disinfection.
  • Restoration of plastic, leather and fabric coatings.
  • Protection of the body, optics and glass with nanocoating and/or armor wrap.

Cleanliness is the best beauty!

One of the main reasons for a car's poor appearance is poor-quality washing. Dirty sponges and rags "draw" on the surface of the body, and aggressive chemicals (which, by the way, often attack the plastic) do not perform their functions. As a result, after such washes the car loses its refinement and attractiveness.

Besides, polishing also is different. If they use coarse abrasives, which is the easiest way to remove defects, there will soon be nothing left of the paint layer. Our method of restoration of the paint coating is absolutely safe. Our technology is based on the flow properties of the paint. We don't "cut away" the scratches, we "melt" them! As a proof, we measure the thickness of the paint layer with a gauge before and after the job is done. We recommend protecting the body after the restorative polishing with one of our nano coatings or a protective wrap.

Cars with a well-maintained body are worth 10-20% more.

In order to achieve the best results, it is not only the time spent working on the car that is required. Above all, it is the experience and knowledge of the masters, as well as the lighting and cleanliness of the room where the work is carried out. We do not just restore the paintwork, but bring it to a perfect, dazzling shine. Most car owners say that they have never seen their car like this, even when they pick it up from the salon.

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