Body Care

The body is the most expensive part of the car. Naturally, careful care of the bodywork not only determines the technical condition of the car and its functionality, but also forms the price of the car. For example, restoring the polished surfaces of the car body immediately raises the price of a used car by 10-15%. The technical condition of the vehicle is important to the buyer, but the appearance of the car is often decisive for the decision-making process.

Polishing not only increases gloss, but also strengthens the paintwork

To prevent premature deterioration of the paintwork it is necessary to carry out regular preventive measures. Timely elimination of scratches and scuffs on the bodywork is essential, regardless of whether the vehicle is being prepared for sale or not. Systematic care and preventive maintenance of the body parts of the vehicle significantly affects the level of service of the vehicle in the future.

The most important aspect in the preventive maintenance of the bodywork is regular washing of the vehicle. The best way to wash your own car is to visit a car wash, where in most cases the necessary technical devices and detergents are always available. Washing is done with a jet of water, and the water pressure should be of medium strength. Otherwise, a strong water jet can damage the integrity of the paint coating of the car body. A weak water pressure, on the contrary, is not able to remove the salt and reagents stuck on the surface of the body. The use of flowing water in the process of washing the car prevents mechanical contact of dirt residues and solid particles with the polished surface.

Rule #1. Never wash your car with a brush

Gantry brush washers are the real evil for the paintwork of the body. Brushes "wash" the car very aggressively, leaving deep scratches on the body.

Rule #2. Use only clean materials for washing

During washing the vehicle, it is important to remember to clean the hard-to-reach, invisible areas of the body. The wheel arches and the underside, the places with the greatest accumulation of road dirt, are therefore most susceptible to corrosion.

Car body maintenance necessarily includes cleaning the underbody. The best option in this situation will be the use of steam, thanks to which it is possible to remove massive accumulations of machine oil, road tar residues and soot deposits quite easily. Such a procedure is usually performed in the conditions of the service station. If you want to save money, you may perform such works yourself, using auto-chemical detergents and solvents. It is enough to use a sponge and brush to apply detergent to the surface of the underbody, and then wash off the foam with a jet of water.

Dirt is not homogeneous. Symbolically, dirt can be divided into four types or layers. Each layer needs special cleaning. The top layer of organic particles and silicates is considered dirt in its usual meaning and can be removed with ordinary water. The second layer is a chemical compound of bitumen and asphalt; only a special shampoo and cleaner can overcome it. The 3rd layer is made of oxides that penetrate into the paint coating, and the 4th layer is made of synthetic resin products. The last layers can be removed only with polishing abrasive pastes or special chemicals. Washing the bodywork in the conventional way only removes the top 2 layers.

Complete restoration of the car body to a mirror shine is only possible by polishing with a tool. To protect the bodywork, we recommend applying a nanocoating.

Rule #3. Clean up bitumen, tree resin, and bird residue in time

If you don't rush to remove these kinds of contaminants (especially for black colors), no remedy will help afterwards. Over time, the dirt penetrates deep into the varnish, and the heat in the hot sun greatly accelerates the process. A kind of diffusion takes place, after which it will not be possible to completely remove the mark.

Additional measures

Initially, it is necessary to understand where the car will be exploited. If in the out-of-town area, we recommend the installation of an anti-gravel protective film. For more perfect shine and long-lasting protection, we recommend a nano-coating.

In addition to car body care, it is also the owner's responsibility to regularly prevent drainage gutters on the roof and door openings. We also recommend regular antibacterial cleaning of the ventilation system.

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